Mobile Learning

I read an interesting article titled “Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology”.

This article discusses the differences between what schools and students want in terms of technology. More specifically having access to personal technology (smart phones) and access to social media sites. This article states that if given access, students would use social media as a tool to collaborate with classmates on projects. 

I do think that some access is a good idea, but there would have to be strict rules. Technology in the classroom should be treated as a privilege, not a right.  Students who abuse using technology in the classroom should have to face repercussions. 

I personally would never have used social media in high school in a way that the schools would deem appropriate for learning. I would have just gone on freinds profiles and looked at all their pictures. I would have messaged them about something not related to class. I think most high schoolers would have a problem keeping the social media use during school educational. 


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