Influential Tweets

I follow Edutopia on Twitter and really enjoy a lot of what they share. 


The first article that I read was about showing students some example texts before an essay is due.  Before this article, I always thought it was a good idea to give examples but struggled with the thought that students would just copy it.  The author gives good examples on how to prevent this from occurring. One technique is to point out the features that make the example a solid piece of writing… the sentence variety, title, introduction, use of metaphors, etc.  This way students are more likely to feel confident in their writing and less likely to copy. 

photo (1)

This tweet led me to a great article with tips on how to feel prepared your first day back to school. These tips will definitely come in handy when I start teaching.  1. Be organized. 2. have too much and too many of everything. 3. overplan the lesson. 4. rehearse. 5. be ready for anything and everything. 6. start learning names immediately.  I have always thought it is better to be over prepared and this is a good reminder just how important it is… especially as a teacher!

photo (2)

This tweet led to a great youtube video about how to engage students through game-based learning. Creative role play is one of the areas that I don’t feel as strong in and this was really helpful.  The students really seemed to enjoy the activity the teacher planned. 


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