Speak Up 2013

I really enjoyed reading the Speak up 2013 article.  The part that I found the most interesting was when students, digital learning, and their future career choices were correlated.  “The combination of student technology skill assessment and gender results in a clear picture on the genesis of one of the key issues facing our national economy, the lack of girls’ interest in STEM careers”.  As girls grow older they seem to rate themselves much lower in technology skills.  It seems that they lack the self confidence in themselves and lose interest. Schools need to do a better job getting the girls feeling confident in their tech skills. 

On the other hand, maybe technology has nothing to do with girls in STEM careers. After all, correlation does NOT mean causation.  I saw this commercial recently. 

I think this is a good reminder that maybe the answer to the lack in females interested in STEM careers may be as simple as the things they are brought up hearing. 

I also really love this one:

I think a lot of girls are only exposed to princesses and baby dolls. This looks fun! and I know I would have enjoyed it when I was younger! Parents need to get out of the pink girl aisle and start looking for toys that will inspire an interest in STEM!




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