Blog Review

I came across an interesting blog by a first year teacher..

I have really enjoyed reading her posts on how to deal with your first year of teaching. She talks about teaching, coaching, and life in general for a 20 something. Ms. Mac seems to enjoy integrated technology into her classroom. She believes that students will be on their phones whether its allowed or not.. so you might as well give them something productive to do on the phones.. and if they send a few texts while doing the assignment, who cares. She shares a bunch of different apps and resources that she uses.

One of the blog posts is the lack of censorship in this generation. I very much agree with what she has to say. Some of the things kids say these days, and music they listen to is so inappropriate. That is one of the negatives of so much technology and internet access. Children have access to a lot of things that are too mature for them. How do you find a balance?


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