Generation Like

The PBS Frontline Documentary Generation Like was very shocking to me.  I never realized how much teenagers care about the number of likes, retweets, comments, etc. on social media.  It seems as if many (most?) teenagers self-esteem and self-confidence relies very heavily on how they are perceived by others through social media and therefore spend a ridiculous amount of time and thought into choosing the perfect  picture for facebook , instagram, etc.  This video showed me how distracted my future students might be..

I think teachers have a large role to play in teaching their students that there is more to life than the number of likes you receive on a picture.  Teachers need to put a focus on balance and remind students that there is more to them than their online profile.  I came across this video a few weeks ago and I thought it was a very powerful reminder to everyone to occasionally disconnect and have in-person interactions.  Teachers should show a video like this to their students.

Teachers could feed off of this need for likes by making a class blog.  Students would post their work to the blog and other students could comment or like the posts/ pictures.  Students would get excited when classmates liked their work and might be driven to produce even better work the next time.  This would create a bit of a competitive spirit between classmates on who could turn in the best work and receive the most online attention in the class.

Teachers need to be prepared for students who are advanced in technology and enjoy using it.  I thought it was really neat in the video when they talked about different youtube stars collaborating and building their fan base. I think a fun activity would be making youtube videos for different assignments. Students would most likely get really into the project and would hope for youtube stardom!


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