2 cents worth

I looked at the blog 2 cents worth (http://2cents.onlearning.us/).  The first thing that stuck out was that I really liked the length of the blog posts. Most of them are short and straight to the point with an additional link or video if you want to learn more about the topic.   This is nice for blog followers who may only have a few spare minutes. It makes it easier to choose what to read more into. I also like that the blog has a wide variety of topics that usually lead back to education.  This blog has been around since 2004 and seems to cover any topic you could think of.  I looked at a lot of the more recent posts (2013 and 2014).  I found a cool post titled ” Finding New Planets- Exoplanets Explained”.  Attached was a neat animated video. I don’t know much about this topic at all and the video helped me understand some of the basics. Interesting stuff! 


One thought on “2 cents worth

  1. sjknight says:

    One of my favorite blogs. I have meet the author and have listen to him present at May tech conferences. I would have liked to hear more about this blog and why you picked it.

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